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BBTXL day 1: Novi to Marine City, MI


Novi to Marine City, MI

We started!

After a pile of worry about flying with my bike, an unhappy but eventually understanding tsa agent, and the first time I ever I fully assembled a bike I was riding, I’m riding the Lake Erie Connector to the start of BBTXL: BWNY (Bicycle Beer Time Extra Large: Bike Western New York).

After spending the evening at Eric and Sara’s house, Laurie and I road out. We ate breakfast in Novi and heading our toward the West Bloomfield rail trail. The trail change names several times, but it took us many mile, all the way to Richmond MI. That was amazing, I had no idea Metro Detroit had such an escape hatch.

We rode 80 miles. The trail was amazing. Except for the 1 mile that was a crime scene. We raced a storm system from Richmond to Marine city. We rode under an active electrical storm while passing a power plant which was creepy and we finally got rained on for the last mile. We managed to find a motel room while hiding under the awning of a closed restaurant and managed to get to the motel during a tiny window between the lightning and the next line of wind and storm.

I can’t believe I’ve started riding my bike. Two more weeks!

I received my print today. Mount Olympus!

Earth Rise 2014

Earth Rise 2014


Apparently I missed the part in the STL spec where values need to be non-negative and non-zero.





Blast Off

Right now the code I’ve written to generate a model reminds me a great deal of the first program I ever wrote.  I was 8, typing on a Coco 3, and I wrote a project that was basically a giant pile of prints that animated a rocket taking off, viewed from a portal (the screen) so you saw the tip, the capsule, the rocket body, and the exhaust scroll by.

In “”, I should give that a better name, I have an endless series of for loops generating different planes of triangles to build different box structures matched up to the mesh of mountains I read in another set of for loops.

I’ve not been concerned about code quality up to this point, just about all the work is done in one 400 line function that does contain a handful of local functions.  It’s been fine, I’m learning what work in this space looks like and finding useful points to consolidate and improve work.

What I am starting to worry about is translation spaces.  I’ve done a think where all points are written by a single function that translates points from the integer x,y index of the data source to a uniform space, meters, that are then scaled again for output.  The generated data is unitless, but gets used as millimeters by my printer.

Now I’m doing work in real space (output mm) as well, and I need to mix measurements between the two spaces, integer index land, scaled by the data (meters per input pixel) and the output (millimeters in 3d space).

Certainly this has been handled countless times, but it’s time for me to learn how.

Anybody you know?

Anybody you know?